At one time or another, I have worked / appeared with the following artists either on stage, or in the studio. If you are a professional musician, and your name does not appear here, I apologise. If you would like to add your name to the list, please drop me a note on my e-mail address. Just click the contact link above.


Al Debbo

Andrè Kempen

Avril Stockley

Barbara Ray

Billy Andrews

Billy Forest

Billy J. Kramer

Blackie Swart

Bles Bridges

Bob Hill

Bobby Louw

Braam verhoef

Buddy Vaughn

Cora Marie

Dan Hill

Danny Bridgens

Debbie Stockten

Dennis East

Derek Warren

Dickie Loader

Eddie Ecksteen

Eileen Butler

Errol Friedman

Gene Rockwell

George Wolfaardt

Glynn Storm

Hansel von Brughan

Hennie Becker

Hennie Smit

Jacques de Coning

Jethro Butow

Joanna Field

Jody Wayne

Johan Laas

Johan van Rensburg

Johnny Boshoff

Jorge Bastos

Jurie Els

Ken Mullen

Kevin Kruger

Kurt darren

Lance James

Leon Schuster

Lionel Pillay

Lorraine Shannon

Malcolm Watson

Marly Kelly

Mike Pilot

Miriam Stockley


Mutt Lange

Neville Nash

Nicholis Louw

Nippy Cripwell

Patricia Lewis

Paul Greeff

Pete Drake

Pete Measroch

Peter Lotis

Pikes Cronjè

Randie Robbie

Ray Dylan

Rob Roberts

Robert Schroeder

Roy Bulkin

Roy Hanger

Sally Vaughn

Sez Adamson

Sonja Herholdt

Steve Hofmeyr

Steve Swan

Tommy Coetzee

Tommy Dell

Toni Gozza

Tony Moore

Trevor Rabin

Vangie Coker

Virginia Lee

Wally Cullis

Wayne Fontana

Zane Cronje